Café Medium Podcast: Everything Matters

Understanding the Fight Against Batten Disease

Café Medium podcasts explore the world from the perspective of Portland, Oregon and the Pacific NW through conversations with dedicated, active, community-minded individuals.

by Lathen Gorbett & Karli Petrovic

with Beau James, Suzette James, Margie Frazier, Christina Amri, Scott Friedman and Ivana Polonijo

In this episode we’re going to explore the world of Batten Disease. Through a series of interviews and conversations over the course of a couple of weeks, we have collaborated with some of the people at the helm of creating a national voice for Batten Disease. We have decided to use this platform to help shine some public light on this fatal disease, while also promoting an event called Everything Matters that is coming up on June 3rd at Amri Studio located at 1826 NW 18th in Portland OR.

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