Aquanauts Team

What started as a flash of a creative idea has rapidly and organically evolved into a generative collaboration.  Going deep has served as a canvas for our collective imagination and resourcefulness, and each of us has developed new skill along the way.  In other words, this is a blast.

All photography provided by Scott Friedman


scott friedman

Scott, whose vision ignited the creation of the Aquanauts Store, leads our creative team and is responsible for all photography, as well as written and visual travel stories that permeate everything Aquanauts.


ivana polonijo

Ivana, the team's brand strategist, draws on her corporate business skills and social science background to develop and promote Aquanauts' business, marketing and communication initiatives.


Aimée barnett

Aimée applied her extensive creativity and graphic design expertise to generate our Aquanauts logos and an abundance of unique products for the Aquanauts Store.