The Aquanauts Store features products and collections created from images of the natural world.  Items are designed to accent and beautify your home and lifestyle, while supporting organizations devoted to health, well-being, and conservation efforts.

All photography provided by Scott Friedman

our Mission

Through the products we’ve designed, we wish to share beauty in a tangible form, and inspire appreciation of ocean life, wilderness, landscapes, and the sense of awe and wonder they can evoke. With part of the proceeds going to organizations devoted to healing and improving the health of planet Earth and its inhabitants, we are committed to promoting the idea that even the smallest effort helps accelerate sound and sustainable change.

“Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”
— Mary Oliver

What We've created

The Aquanauts Store is comprised of a broad selection of items suitable for personal enjoyment or gift-giving. 

Purchase of items from the Aquanauts Store results in tangible benefit to organizations doing important work for people and the environment: 20% of proceeds resulting from sales go to the charities we support.  A full 100% of proceeds from sales of items in The Good Fight collection and The Iron Horse collection go to support #FightingForMaya and the Massachusetts General Hospital ALS Clinic, respectively. Moreover, if you access the Aquanauts Store directly by clicking on the links to it within our website, you will actually be doubling the charitable contribution from anything you choose to purchase.