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99% of Earth's habitable space is in the oceans.

We've mapped the ocean floor only to about the same resolution as we've achieved for Venus and Mars. There's so much we don't know about what's down there. And few of us get the opportunity to go take a look around under the waves. I'm lucky to be among those few, and over the past dozen years I've developed a passion for photographing what I see.

I want to share the astounding beauty I encounter whenever I get the opportunity to go dive. My hope is that by doing so, others will become curious, or at least deepen their awareness of the significant issues facing Earth's oceans and its inhabitants. I invite you to explore this website and the Aquanauts Store we have created to help bring images of the natural world into your home and lifestyle. If you are interested in seeing more photos, please visit the Aquanauts Photo Gallery

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Over the past several years, people near and dear to me have had to adapt to life with degenerative conditions. Along with my desire to promote the health of Earth's oceans, I also want to develop a vehicle for raising funds to support these causes. When you purchase something from the Aquanauts Store, proceeds go to support four charities: ALS - Mass General, #FightingForMayaHesperian, and Coral Reef Alliance

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I have had the good fortune to spend many years traveling to beautiful places and taking photographs of what I've seen. The best part is returning home and sharing these images with those I love. I hope to inspire others to take a keen interest in preservation and conservation of the natural world. I hope you'll visit the Aquanauts Store on Zazzle, where we have created products for your home and lifestyle, borne of this passion and inspiration.

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