We invite you to explore the Aquanauts Store by theme.

In the course of designing store items, several consistent motifs emerged: charitable giving, spectacular creatures, and magical places.  Store Collections allow you to shop accordingly. Proceeds from purchases of items in the Good Fight and Iron Horse collections go entirely to their corresponding charities.

All photography provided by Scott Friedman


altruistic breach

Humpback whales have increasingly been documented protecting other animal species from marauding killer whales, and the phenomenon appears to be species-wide and global. Complex songs (especially from males), diverse hunting repertoires, and enthusiastic surface behaviors make for thrilled snorkelers and whale watchers the world around.

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enchanted forest

Forests serve as the lungs of the Earth, and are our planet's dominant terrestrial ecosystem. They confer countless benefits on our lives, as well as the lives of so many other living things. Research is increasingly demonstrating fascinating ways through which trees actually communicate with one another, and heal themselves. They are as worthy of our gratitude and protection as they are of our wonder. 

Explore the Enchanted Forest collection in our store to find your favorite pieces.



gilded lilly

Travel to tropical locales is usually done for the purpose of vacation and leisure, often with a focus on beachgoing activities. Native flora, however, often accents the beauty of the place. These items are chosen for their capacity to do the same in your home.

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There are over 3000 species of nudibranchs, each more looney than the last. Variations in color, size, surface features and camouflage make for a diverse array of bejeweled treasures.

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   photo by Craig Rudnick

 photo by Craig Rudnick

majestic octopus

On one sublime night in the Caribbean, this curious and bold octopus spent 45 minutes interacting directly with us and displaying dance moves only possible if you've got 8 legs. Products graced by this presence bring instant moxie to any occasion.

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sand and sea

Detailed texture photos, one of a sand dune and one of undulating ocean swell, serve as the inspiration for this collection. Each adds a natural elemental feel, as well as soothing pattern and color, to any living space.

Explore the Sand and Sea collection in our store to find your favorite pieces.



Our first experience upon receiving mail or a package is the appearance of the envelope or box. Add aesthetic appeal and a subtle message of preservation with stamps from this nature and animal-themed collection

Explore the Statement Stamp collection in our store to find your favorite pieces.


the yellowstone experience

Yellowstone National Park is home to magnificent wildlife as well as over half of all of Planet Earth's geysers, all within the 70-mile wide caldera of a supervolcano. Few places offer such a visceral awareness of being upon a planet.

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